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Image of Michael Cruz (Mike Cruz) Executive and Leadership Coach

Elevate your leadership maturity through expert coaching.

Lead with Confidence: My executive and leadership coaching program empowers you to harness your full potential. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to self-assured leadership.
Inspire Your Team: Great leaders don't just manage; they inspire. Discover your innate motivation abilities that can mobilize your team towards unprecedented success.
Achieve Your Goals: My coaching will guide you toward achievement, whether you're eyeing the C-suite or aiming to revolutionize your organization's next level of leaders.
Navigate Challenges: Every leader faces obstacles. Equip yourself with strategies to overcome them, turning hurdles into stepping stones.
Maximize Your Impact: Unleash your leadership prowess, leaving a legacy that resonates long after you've moved on.
Take the first step towards becoming the leader you truly can be.

Craft a legacy of influential, inspiring, and impactful leadership.

Join me on this transformative journey.
Invest in your success.
Ready to Lead? 🚀

Executive and Leadership Coaching

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Hi, thank you for stopping by.

I'm Mike Cruz, passionate about helping leaders and organizations redefine success and achieve more than they ever thought possible. My Credentials are 

  • Accomplished ICF PCC Coach: As an experienced, ICF-PCC credentialed Executive and Leadership coach, I specialize in propelling ambitious individuals and organizations to their potential.

  • Elite Clientele: Coached executives who work for renowned organizations like Amazon, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Salesforce and more.

  • Exceptional Leadership Record: Inspired and motivated teams to consistent double-digit growth in Revenue, Profitability, Employee Engagement, and Customer Satisfaction as Managing Director for a decade.

  • High-Performance Advocate:  Believe in fostering innovation, collaboration, and aligning teams with strategic goals.

  • 30+ Years in Diverse Industries: Proven track record in Legal Tech, Information Services, Education, and Non-Profit sectors.

  • Diverse Educational Background: An alumnus of Barefoot Academy, UK, IIM Bangalore, and Loyola Chennai, I bring a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to my coaching.

  • Core Values: Driven by equity, collaboration, continuous learning, innovation, compassion, and social impact.

  • Equity & Education Champion: Committed to creating equitable educational opportunities and bridging gaps for marginalized children.

  • Continuing the Impact: Excited to unlock potential and leave a lasting mark on individuals and organizations.

I am happy to share more about my journey into Executive and leadership coaching. Please follow the link below to learn more.  And, yes, thanks for stopping by and giving me a moment of your time in your busy schedule.

Having already been in the leadership roles for nearly two decades, initially I was bit apprehensive of how much professional gain I would receive from an executive and leadership coach. However, my thoughts were challenged within a few sessions I had with Mike. During my engagement with Mike for 4 months, Mike made me introspect on several aspects of my leadership style. He spent time looking at my professional network and suggested how I could be effectively leveraging that. His coaching style focused on areas I am good at and helped me narrow on opportunities that had better fitment with my natural leadership style. After I finalized on my next opportunity, Mike helped me anticipate challenges I would encounter and how I should prepare myself to navigate in a new setup. I would strongly recommend Mike to anyone who is looking to refine their leadership style and preparing to move in to executive role.

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