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Serve to Lead. Be Selfless.

Updated: Jan 20

Leadership quote from Simon Sinek "The cost of leadership is self-interest"
"The cost of leadership is self-interest."

-Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek highlights the need for leaders to put the organization, team, and stakeholder interests before their interests and gains.

Trust is lost when personal interests and gains are the priority of a leader.

Leaders will find it an uphill task to inspire and motivate the team and organization to accept and progress toward the goal.

Authentic leadership requires sacrifice, humility, and a willingness to put the needs of others before our own if we want to make a positive difference in the world around us.  

It takes courage and selflessness to make decisions that benefit others, even if they may not directly benefit ourselves. Teams will follow the leader's example and become less self-oriented, increasing trust, driving stronger collaboration and a greater sense of shared purpose to achieve common goals.

Serve to Lead. Be Selfless.

Reflective Questions:

How do you prioritize the interests of your team and organization over your personal interests as a leader?

How can you encourage your team to become less self-oriented and more collaborative in achieving shared goals?

Suggested Readings:

Book by James C Hunter - The Servant

What challenges do you face when you try to be selfless in your leadership journey

  • Balancing Personal & Team Needs

  • Overcoming Ego & Ambitions

  • Managing Stakeholder Expectations

  • Navigating Conflicting Interests

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