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Excite, Energize, and Empower!

Updated: Jan 20

Leadership Quote by John P. Kotter
John P Kotter
"True urgent leadership doesn't drain people. It does the opposite. It energizes them. It makes them feel excited."

John P. Kotter

Kotter's quote on urgent leadership is set in the context of leading change.

When urgent leadership is required to lead massive change efforts, leaders have a choice between creating a sense of panic and stress that can overwhelm individuals and teams or creating a sense of excitement and energy that motivates people to take quick action toward achieving a higher shared purpose.

Leaders who approach urgent situations with a clear sense of purpose, a positive attitude, and a focus on collaboration and communication create an environment where people are empowered to act decisively, take ownership & accountability, and are resilient and adaptable to change quickly.

These teams see change as a positive challenge that can up their game and a source of constant learning and improvement. This type of leader energizes individuals and enhances their productivity and creativity, leading to better outcomes and a high-performing, resilient team.

Excite, Energize, and Empower!

Share your reflections.

Reflective Questions:

How can leaders create a sense of urgency without causing undue stress?

How can leaders motivate and energize others to act quickly towards shared goals?

Suggested Readings:

John P Kotter Leading Change

What can you do to create a sense of excitement and positive energy when leading change in your organization?

  • Foster Open Communication

  • Empower Team

  • Acknowledge Challenges

  • Celebrate Progress

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