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Over the last couple of weeks, I have been developing a GTM for a service and find myself often caught in the trap of perfecting it, delaying the launch of the service. 

On reflection, while I have been pursuing my goal with tenacity and relentlessly tackling the assignment to high standards, I have not been meeting the deadline I had set for myself. If I were being appraised now, I would not have demonstrated a strong drive for results in this situation, though I am being relentless in my pursuit. 

The former US President Barrack Obama's advice for success in any career was 'Just learn to get stuff done'.

Being relentless in the pursuit of our goals is just one aspect of demonstrating high drive for results. One of the critical competencies for assessing a leader's success is their drive for results. So, what makes up a leader's 'Drive For Results' attribute? The Zenger Folkman, Extraordinary Leadership model, gives seven attributes that stakeholders seek in their leaders to accept that the leader is demonstrating a strong drive for results.

  1. Relentless Pursuit of Goals: Leaders with a strong drive for results show unwavering determination and are relentless in the pursuit of their goals, ensuring that they are completed to the highest standard regardless of obstacles.

  2. Focused On Meeting Deadlines: They ensure that the deadline is always in focus and go the extra mile by employing innovative strategies, collaborating with others, and commandeering resources to meet the deadlines and achieve the goals.

  3. Ensure Completion For Success: Monitor progress, address challenges, and drive towards achieving the goal without losing interest mid-way.

  4. Hold Others To High Standards: They hold themselves to high standards, establish clear expectations from others, seek and provide feedback, and align and hold others accountable to meet those standards.

  5. Inspire Commitment In Others: Leaders with a strong drive for results acknowledge that a leader is only as good as their team and the team is as good as the leader. They inspire team commitment through their actions and empower them to contribute to the organizational goals.

  6. Consistently Deliver On Commitments: Stakeholders seek validation of the leaders' drive for results consistently. Reliability is the key. Leaders with a high drive for results consistently meet or exceed commitments, earning the trust and respect of their stakeholders.

  7. Champions Productivity and Goal Achievement: These leaders are not just focused on their goals and achievements but champion the cause of increasing productivity and goal achievement in the entire organization, inspiring a culture of excellence.

I have set the deadline for delivering my project. As one of my mentors used to tell me, a deadline means that you deliver before the deadline or the project or goal is dead.

Results matter. 

Leadership Coaching Questions

What are the strengths that you consistently demonstrate in this competency?

What strategies can you implement to build your strength in areas important for you in this competency?

What strategies can you implement to inspire a culture of accountability and achievement within your organization, particularly senior leadership?

Leadership Poll

What is the most critical factor for you in driving results as a senior leader?

  • Relentless Pursuit

  • Avoiding Distractions

  • Goal Completion On Time

  • Others, please comment

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Suggested Readings

References : The Extraordinary Leader by Zenger & Folkman, McGraw-Hill Education, 2019.

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