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The Leadership Ripple: Invest In Your Growth, Inspire Others.

Leadership Quote by Marshall Goldsmith

Great leaders encourage leadership development. By openly developing themselves" ~ Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith's quote bridges the connection between how the development of self has a positive and salutary effect on the team's leadership development.

Great leaders are invested in their leadership development, committed to their growth, and serve as a sterling example for their followers. They can do this by 

  • Developing High Self-Awareness about their Values, Beliefs, Strengths and Challenges.

  • Being Open To Feedback from all stakeholders

  • Prioritizing areas of development that can have the maximum positive impact on them and their organization.

  • Being transparent about it and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to stay the course.

  • Recognizing the potential for development in their teams and committing to it. 

  • Seek the support of coaches or mentors to be their partners in development.

By doing this, great leaders 

  • Lead their teams by example rather than by dictate.

  • Inspire and motivate them to commit to their own growth.

  • Build trust and credibility as team members trust transparent leaders about their growth challenges.

  • Cultivate a culture of learning across the organization.

  • Encourage a growth mindset in the team.

Inspire the development of leaders in your organization by showing them how you are invested in your own growth and willing to commit to the team's growth.


Leadership Coaching Questions:

  • How can you actively invest in your own personal growth to set a compelling example for your team's development?

  • How can you leverage self-awareness and stakeholder feedback to pinpoint areas for your leadership improvement?

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How can you better demonstrate your commitment to your leadership development that can inspire your team? (Share your insights in the comments)

  • Leading by personal example

  • Prioritizing self-awareness

  • Welcoming feedback openly

  • Seeking mentorship/coaching

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