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The Raven

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your love & support for our website! I am overwhelmed with the support and encouragement you all have shown over the last couple of weeks. It has been a very humbling experience. Thank you so much for your messages on the blog, WhatsApp, and personal phone calls – I feel truly blessed to be a small part of your life in some way.

We are thrilled with the number of you who have taken the time to visit our website. We had an excellent first two weeks, with the number of visitors to the website exceeding our expectations! Thank you for your time, interest, and support.

Thanks to the intentional feedback of many of you, we made several minor edits and changes to the website. We love receiving your inputs to make us better.

We made some subtle changes to the logo to make it more visible across all media. So, you will notice that the lettering in the logo is now a little bolder than what it was when we launched. We hope you like it.

That brings us nicely to the Raven on the logo. There were many questions about the Raven to be answered, which could be summarized into these three questions:

Hey Mike, what's with the Raven?

Why did you choose the Raven as the logo?

What does it symbolize?

Some of my very good friends who have my best interest in mind advised against using the Raven as the logo as it is considered a bad omen. Apologies, friends, for not heeding your advice, but I chose to go with this one as you could see, and I will explain why.

We started working on a logo for the company a few weeks before launch with my brother Tony. He runs a design boutique called Mediatrix. Over a few weeks of brand development, we arrived at a metaphorical symbol for its possibilities.

Why choose a Raven for the logo? I would love to answer this question to all of you, and I am happy to share my thinking here.

The Raven (Corvus Corax) is a fascinating bird and one of the very few birds that have adapted to live in most parts of the world. Though all of us know about the Raven, I would like to write a bit about them.

Ravens are among the most intelligent animals globally and can solve complex problems in their first attempt with an intelligence level comparable to Dolphins and Chimpanzees. They remember how people treated them and plan for future events. They are adept at tool usage, and their emotional and social intelligence outshines this. They seem capable of feeling empathy, and when a friend loses a fight, they will console the losing bird. They have high social cognition skills, remember birds they like and will respond in a friendly way for a minimum of three years after seeing them. They are excellent at learning sounds and imitating human, animal, and other sounds better than parrots. Ravens can relay and communicate insights and intentions with their peers.

They are resilient birds that have adapted well to survive and live among humans, with excellent foraging skills. The common Raven is daring, intelligent, high-spirited excellent fliers on par with falcons and hawks. They have a unique ability to collaborate to find solutions. Like other Corvids, they have strong personalities.

Traditionally across cultures, the Raven is perceived in many ways, symbolizing - Wisdom, Affection, Healing Powers, Longevity, Death, and Fertility. Its jet-black color represents the night, the great void, and even the earth. The Raven is mainly associated with loss and ill omen in most of the world lore and literature due to its black plumage, croaking call, and omnivorous diet.

It is fascinating from a coaching perspective to see how a common bird such as the Raven, with positive attributes such as

· High Social and Emotional Intelligence,

· Empathy,

· Social Cognition,

· Problem-Solving Skills,

· Resilience,

· Daring,

· High-Spirited Energy,

· Collaboration, and

· Ability to Learn

They can still be seen in a negative light by some because of differing perceptions and limiting assumptions and thoughts.

What's all of these got to do with coaching? Well, the best coaches practice, the following

· Demonstrate Relentless Compassion and Unconditional Positive Regard

· Acknowledge that everyone has an infinite capacity to think

· Accept that everyone is the subject matter expert of their lives/ situations

· Create a Safe and confidential environment to think

· Are non-judgemental at all times

· Change Limiting Beliefs & Assumptions

· Be there to help you as your trusted partner in your thinking process

All of the above enable you to transcend and achieve your true potential.

I read a quote by Alexander den Heijer and 'am happy to share this with you –

'To inspire people, don't show them your superpowers but show theirs.'

That's what great coaches do.

As the saying goes, we find what we seek. The Raven symbolizes how we can look for the positives in everyone and help them achieve their potential.

Look out for the Raven around you and see how you can find the positives in those around you- it will change your perspective.

This blog would not have been possible without the logo and the excellent feedback from many of you. All thanks to you and my brother Tony for his enduring patience with us during the process, making an infinite number of changes as requested, and designing a great logo for us. Thank you, Tony!

As you head into the festive week of Diwali/Deepawali, take care, be safe, and have a fantastic celebration with your loved ones!

May the goodness around us triumph all evil.

Happy Diwali/Deepawali to all of you 😊

Talk to you soon; cheers!


P.S: If you are looking for doing excellent design and brand work, feel free to reach Tony at

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Vikas Saddar
Vikas Saddar
Nov 08, 2021

Amazing story behind the logo Mike and it enlightened my thoughts around it... Your positive approach will surely be a great inspiration.. Good wishes!


Rekha Dhyani
Rekha Dhyani
Nov 01, 2021

Wonderful! I loved how you explained the choice of Raven. Wishing you the very best, Mike. May you help manu others excel in their professional lives. Good luck!


Ravi G
Ravi G
Nov 01, 2021

Very Nice Michael ! My perspective of the bird is very much influenced by the poet Edgar Allan Poe's Poem of the same name. But your write up gives me a completely different perspective! ☺️


Thomas Francis
Thomas Francis
Oct 31, 2021

Well explained. Excellent choice. Great work to mediatrix


Wasi Abidi
Wasi Abidi
Oct 31, 2021

Excellent 👌.... it's revealing and lot to learn... thanks Mike!

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